The next journey begins CHINA!!

The next journey begins CHINA!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

At The Edge of The Abyss ( David Koker)

I am re reading David Koker's diary written in Vught 1943-44
He was a prolific writer and although this is a translation, I wanted to add his poem to the blog. I had read the diary before but it did not have as much meaning as it does now- having been where David was and wrote his diary.
David, unlike Anne Frank, had no book to write in. He wrote his entries on scraps of paper he was able to find. Later he used school exercise books for children who had been deported and murdered. With the help of civilian workers David was able to smuggle out his pages, In June 1944 David was deported first to Auschwitz, and then on to Dachau in February 1945- he did not survive the journey and died at the age of 23.
              "Departed now the final train
               In Total darkness and in rain
               the world has suffering to spare
               I hear the weariness, despair
               when neighbors talk to one another

               no Jew's left in existence

               The falling rain would not subside
                I sat at my open doors staring
                at all that was cheerless outside
                and thought: Seen it all, I'm past caring.

                No need for more self-promising
                there's never been all that much here
                it's over and that's just as well
                I also look now without fear

                on what will be the bitter end
                 and concern myself no more with dangers

                 though I have no desire to die.

                to have been born at such a cursed time

                Maybe it's festive there outdoors
                I'm fearful though and worn
                Where can I go?
                Never before have I felt so

                Forgive me
                Forgive this cheerless song full of regret
                Forgive me thousands of unpleasantnessess
                Forgive me everything but don't forget."

                                                                                    David Koker

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