The next journey begins CHINA!!

The next journey begins CHINA!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 22,2010 A.M.

I wanted to add a bit more information from yesterday including some photos of the local 'color' of this small town.

First, one of the concepts that permeates throughout this trip is that the Jews were always looked upon as the "others," and of European identity. People thought as themselves as Germans, Poles, Swedes, etc yet they looked at Jews who lived in those same places as "Jews" only which makes them the "others. One photo posted is of a little girl and life before the pogrom that took her life

We visited many memorials and I know they often blur and melt into each other,so I have collected a few names as I went along not to forget again each one had a life and a name:
On a head stone - Gisel Kerbel 15 mths old killed in Pogrom in Kielce1946
Ciril Brajdic and Anna Reuchel- Roma ( Gypsies) murdered in Auschwitz
Klara Goldstein, Leon Singer- names written in their own handwriting on suitcases which they never received

there are more many more....

I took a photo of Sid, our participant who has been diligently creating videos, and interviewing each of us at one time or another- I thought his quiet pensive moment captured the day.

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