The next journey begins CHINA!!

The next journey begins CHINA!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 20 Harbin and Seoul

July 20- afternoon
On the plane on the way to Seoul. This morning there were hurricane force winds and a deluge of huge proportions. I was talking to Robin when I eyed water on the floor. Well, water was gushing into our room through a closed window! Lucky for Robin, whose suitcase was on the floor- that the rain only slightly dampened her suitcase.  We tried communicating to the front desk about this and all they could say was they would send someone to open the window! This Holiday Inn was like a minus one star hotel.  I have no complaints; it was just another experience. Bu it is worthy of some description.  It was outside of town, had dirty carpets, one elevator, no coffee , the food was not very appealing, and wifi did not work. I got plenty of exercise using the stairs to up and down from the sixth floor.  I heard loud noises and yelling from outside my room because a conference room was next door with what seemed to be motivational women’s speaker and group. BUT we did have dumplings last night at a restaurant nearby.
Vegetable, chicken, pork, beef- you name it. We all wished we had the left overs today since we have not really eaten. Prior to that we visited the plaza where the Russian Orthodox Church is.  Russian soldiers built this church when they were in Harbin. The influence can be seen on much of the architecture in Harbin. The people have a different look and I understand have a Russian touch to their accents.  We people watched and enjoyed the time.  Once again I was stopped several times for photo ops. 
In Harbin China -close to Russian border-  nothing on tv but military movies  LOL. photos from large outside shopping area.

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