The next journey begins CHINA!!

The next journey begins CHINA!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 12 & am
I cannot seem to get to my blog so I am writing this way and will copy it when I can.  Yesterday is a blur. Did I actually leave Newark on Thursday th 10th of July and woke up to Saturday the 12th? Confusing isn’t it. The flight of 19 hrs in total was grueling but I watched four movies I had missed during the year and a few old Fawlty Tower episodes.  Robert – one of the participants sat in front of me but we both tried in vain to sleep. Arrived and Betty from group also arrived same time we took cab to hotel and after a quick shower went to get a bite to eat. I have tofu- really good.
My roommate Robin Lung arrived after 11 pm. Check out her web site “FINDING KUKAN” the documentary she is working on.
We will be walking to the PEACE HOTEL to meet up with some people obin will be working with on this film. Tonight is official opening of the program.
Breakfast was a mixture of Western fare and typical Chinese cusine, many things I had no clue what it was. I will post photos once I can access my blog

Saturday July 12
What an interesting day! Robin and I walked and explored Shanghai on foot. In the very hot and humid air we walked through local streets seeing people in their little shops, cooking and preparing fish and other things to sell. We walked to the “Peoples Park” and came upon hundreds of people with with papers with writing on it, dates, names and some with photos. We were to learn that is was “marriage park” People were offering resumes and pictures of their children or marriage brokers were offering their own ‘clients’ for marriage! We met very nice people, all whom were happy to be in pictures and many people have been curious at my curly hair!  We met up with two women who will be hosting Robin’s presentation n Tuesday, in regard to her documentary film. Both women have chosen to live here in Shanghai. Susan has been here 6 years and explains how living under Communist China is not as bad as it is viewed by the west.  Although she cannot become a Chinese citizen, she enjoys the vibrant life of this city as a free lance writer.

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