The next journey begins Poland and Rwanda 2019

The next journey begins  Poland and Rwanda 2019
2019 adventures

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Celebration- Tagine- and Home

It is August 16, two days since I've been home.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity and now I am back to a quiet house and still recuperating from jet lag.

On the last day of classes, we had a huge celebration with Parents, kids, and staff. The kids performed and I was touched by the two that did a conversation all in English! We also met with the staff and Colleen and I read our little blurbs about each staff member.  The rain held up a little and the day also had a staff vs students soccer game- students won!.

Saying goodbye was hard- as it always is.  

The airport experience no so bad with Martin who "knows" people and we whizzed through. We were not thrilled with Royal Air Maroc.  Arrived in Casablanca and had to wait for the shuttle. I have to say it was nice to stay in the hotel, take a shower and eat more than rice.  I am so grateful for what I have and humbled by the experience.

We took a cab to Casablanca city and met Abdou along with his mother and daughter. It was truly a local experience. We went to the Medina Shouk and saw the Jewish synagogue, "Ricks" - a total tourist trap. Then we went to another area which had lovely street shops. Colleen and I left Abdou ( he had to take his daughter home) and sat for hours in a cafe having mint tea, ice cream, and ice water. We visited the Mosque which is the third largest in the world and holds over 150,000 people.

We then walked over to a restaurant and had a wonderful Moroccan dinner!  Abdou came for us ( with his mom) at 7 pm and we toured the area in his car. The beach area ( and unfortunately witnessed a terrible moto accident). Finally headed back to the hotel ( thankfully near the airport). Colleen was not feeling well- and I was happy she was better once we were airborne. Once again Airport was crazy! Packed flight and many unruly kids.  

We arrived home and my dear friend Rochelle picked us up and Colleen picked up her car, headed home, and Rochelle and I spent time together as she graciously offered to drive me home to NJ.  We did a diner meal and I settled in at home.

This experience has once again given me more than I have given them. New friends- great kids and staff.

I probably need to reflect more and I have forgotten many things I wanted to say but for now, another adventure has been completed as I await a new one

Friday, August 11, 2023

Staff meeting, with amazing team Guinea

 Today was actually our last day with the team and tomorrow our last day and we will be airborne! Lots of photo ops today and tomorrow will be a celebration with many people - hope rain stays away. Today from 2 am on it poured cats and dogs for 14 hours straight

staff photo

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Home visits

 I had a feeling what this owuld be like having dne the same n Rwanda but one can never get used to such need and poverty. We visited three homes, not too far away and the roads were muddy but not as trecherous as in Kilgali. The people were so happy to meet us and one father who soke English quite well kept thanking us for coming and hearing him speak English. He told us how he lost his house to the government when they wanted the land where many people lived.Its a confusing  story. The last home was a larger compud that was unfinished with exposed stairwells and many people who live in these unfinished areas and pay rent. We had to go up three dark and unstable stair flights with nothing to hold on to so Colleen and I each had a kid help guide us. The third floor is open area with doors leading to living spaces but what got me was the HUGE drop down to the bottom with no gate , no fence, no barrier and so many small children running around I actually asked if anyone fell off and they said one person did, I dobt you could survive that fall. Once back we resumed our schedule and today we had the younger kids. Umar, who is so smart and a great dancer seemed off today and did not want to play with the group during our break. Come to find he was juust plain hungry and had not eaten because he arrived after lunch and there was nothing left.  Iknew I had leftovers of rice which I gave to Olivier so Olivier was told aboout Umar and gave him the food. He returned smiling and feeling better. Then later on "my boy" Ansou we found out had not eaten today. He seems to fast on certain days for Islam but today was not a fasting day.  I insisted on he taking my half loaf of bread and a packet of peanut butter, He was relucant but I insisted,  There is REAL hunger here- very sobering. BUT no one complains,they smile and are so grateful for whatever they are given.  The pictures says a lot. Just be grateful for the little things like food!

look at the drop off the edge